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A false teaching is a teaching that is held up as equal to Scripture that is not in Scripture, or is a teaching that is falsely accredited to Scripture that is not in Scripture. Heresies, which are false teachings by definition, are teachings that contradict Scripture. Not all false teachings are heresies, but all heresies are false teachings. This page lists all heresies and false teachings that we have refuted so far. If any part of a teaching meets the criteria of a false teaching, the whole teaching will be listed by this page as a false teaching, with the linked page clarifying which parts of the teaching are false and which parts are true.

Note that this page is for the teachings themselves. For a list of scriptures that were modified in some way from the original, see False Scriptures. For passages that are twisted to support unbiblical teachings or traditions, see Twisted Scriptures. For passages who's English translations are typically wrong, see Mistranslated Scriptures.


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